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    PT Tirtajaya Lumasindo is a company that specializes in lubricants and preventive maintenance products. The company has been in the industry for a decade and always keeps its technology in advance of the industrial world.

    Unlike many other companies that sell lubricants and focus on their standard marketing programs which are non-applicable demonstrations, we focus more on the advanced technical knowledge of the lubricant and its proper applications.

    Our aim is to increase the knowledge of the maintenance experts and other important personnels in the industries about lubricants. Based on that, we believe they will choose and use the right lubricant, as we met many people who deal with lubricants, who most of them unfortunately  have little knowledge about it. Many of them consider the grease melts because of the lubricant is not heat-resistant, while this incorrect assumption may arise because most lubricant salesmen held comparative demonstrations with other lubricants by way of heat test.

    That is just one example of many misleading opinions that need to be restated to avoid the possibility of maintenance personnels being disadvantaged by limited knowledge of lubricant salesmen. This may cause considerable loss to the efficiency and to the productivity life of the equipments, as well as the quality and quantity of its end products.

    We almost have no marketing programs like other lubricant selling companies, but our trained Technical Sales Engineers will really give valuable information about our products and their right application, since  their qualifications are Bachelors of Chemical and Mechanical. We believe that if we suggest the right advice, then we can give our customers the satisfaction and the optimalization in one package. The customers satisfaction is the guarantee of the success of our marketing strategy.
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