Our Products
    There are so many lubricants being offered in the market, starting from recycled lubricants (using used lubricants as base stock), mineral lubricants, private labelled lubricants, semi-synthetic lubricants, synthetic lubricants, specialty lubricants and even fake lubricants. The fakes cannot be visually distinguished from the real, as they look just as good as the real synthetic lubricants.

    If our knowledge on lubricants is limited, there is a greater possibilities to make the wrong choice. It would be worse if we buy lubricants from a salesman whose knowledge is somehow limited and rely merely on visual demonstrations with forceful marketing.

    The products that we market are among the best world-class lubricants, which will be ready to solve lubricating problems. To pursue the optimalization, the products should be synergized with our intensively trained Technical Sales Engineers.

    We are ready with high quality environmentally friendly lubricants for ISO 14000 standard requirement.
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