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    The problems of lubricants and lubrications happened because maintenance personnels do not take a good look at them, or even they do not have the solution. So in every single visit to the industries, when we start with the question : "Do you have any problem with your lubricant or lubrication?" most of the answers will be "No".

    Technology keeps growing. A lubricant that previously had a useful life of 500 hours with a tendency of causing carbon and deposit may not become a problem, if it is not compared to specialty lubricants, that are recommended to be used up to 8000 hours without causing any deposit or even carbon.

    Seminars are one of our many forms of services that we usually provide for potential customers. Many important inputs may be obtained by the maintenance and the purchasing departments from these seminars, such as: how to choose a good lubricant, buy lubricants from salesmen who completely understand the product they are selling, do not make a choice only based on cheaper price, but also consider its quality and appropriateness. Because a cheap and low quality product will only cause problems in the future. On the other hand a right and proper lubricant even though it is more expensive will give convenient, double profit, increased productivity and optimalization. All of those are requirements to win the competition.

    Beside seminars we offer other profitable programs our customers can get, such as :

1. Consultation :
• Lubricants used analysis
• Reasons of product application
• Selection of product class application

2. Problems solving :
• Problems analysis
• On site visits
• Discussions

3. Trainings :
• Improving work force skills
• Work Safety
• Efficiency
• Product inventory
• Environment

    We should be adaptive in dealing with technology development, in order to utilize it at the maximum level, to provide the basic necessity in global market competition.
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